Effective protection against
insect pests.

Pheromone traps for pest insect Lithocolletis coryli-forella Hw

Small butterflies with brown front wings – are the main pests of apple and other fruit trees.


The color of Lithocolletis coryli-forella Hw.

Small butterflies with brown front wings - are the main pests of apple and other fruit trees. On the top and bottom of the front wings Lithocolletis coryli-forella Hw has two triangular black spots, from the top of wings. Two light stripes and fringe brown color parallel to the top edge. Back wings of the lithololletis coryli-forella hw are narrow, fringed with long red color, wigspan is of 8-10 mm.

Mating season of Lithocolletis coryli-forella Hw.

Mating season and egg laying starts begins on departure day and lasts for 3 till 12 days. The female of Lithocolletis coryli-forella Hw. lays eggs one by one on upper side of the leaf near veins or vein. One female fertility of Lithocolletis coryli-forella Hw is of 65 eggs.

Use of pheromone traps against Nut Leaf Blister Moth

Delta-Trap is the most appropriate mean for detection and mass trapping of Nut Leaf Blister Moth. Trap for insects has to be placed at the shady side of the apple tree or another fruit plant, at the height of 1,5 m from earth, this way, leafs will not block access for the insect pest to the pheromone traps. The most effective is to use pheromone traps for insects a week till first generation begin to fly.

Use: Package has to be opened before immediate use. The dispenser has to be placed in the center of the adhesive surface of the pheromone trap. The used package has to be removed from the place of dispenser use.

Pheromone traps components against Nut Leaf Blister Moth:

The main pheromone component: E4-12:oAc
Additional components: UV filter, antioxidant.
The dose of active substance for 1 dispenser – 3 mg.
The carrier (dispenser) – butyl rubber, natural rubber.

Pheromone traps package:

Three layers of airtight pellicle (polyethylene / aluminum / paper)

Conditions and terms of keeping:
from +10C° till +20С° – 6 months
from +4C° till +10С° – 12 months
from 0C° till +4С° – 24 months
at -18С° - 36 months and more.

Note: These terms are guaranteed in case the package is not damaged. Guarantee term of dispenser action in the field is of 4-6 weeks.